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Eternal Marketing are dedicated professionals

We have a combined over 50 years experience in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, growth hacking. We over the years built and maintained over 300 small businesses growth plans from either a full service digital marketing plan to fixed campaigns.

All of our team are passionate about what they do, and are committed to our customer’s success.

The History of Eternal Marketing

We’ve grown from the ashes of the financial crisis in 2008, the management team have come from background in fast growing, fast moving companies that were unfortunately struck down in the midst of the crisis. But from that crisis emerged Eternal Marketing which has gone from strength to strength and adapted to the changes and challenges of the digital marketing era and the rise of mobile and tablet devices and the increasing complexity of customer contact over many different social media networks.

We are Eternal Marketing

Passionate, Committed, Experienced

Growth Hackers

Planning Your Growth

Our own Growth Hacking at Eternal Marketing

Remember we live and breathe what we do, we have grown this business from a micro business and we use those same techniques to grow our clients business, here at Eternal Marketing we practise what we preach.

Growth of Eternal Marketing

From very small beginnings in a bedroom in a leafy suburb of Manchester UK, Eternal Marketing now has a dedicated team of professionals with customers all over the world, some of customer are based in the USA, Spain, Barbados, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa – we have the resources to support the growth of our clients where ever they are in the world.