Organic SEO and Growth Hacking

Organic SEO for Small Business

Organic SEO simply put,is about fine tuning your website on on-site SEO to be the best that it can be on every page to ensure that your website structure and content can be easily crawled by the search bots and read and categorised by the search engines to give you a natural or Organic result, these are called SERPS or Search Engine Ranking Pages, based up certain queries that are submitted by a user. The practitioners of Organic SEO basically play by the rules and rely on white hat SEO techniques.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking a term coined only a few years ago points to a method online marketing that hacks through natural marketing practices and absolutely puts a rocket into your online marketing practices from the creation of Viral content to mass social media marketing to get exponential growth. The pure focus of growth hacking is to attain phenomenal growth and traffic. In marketing terms its focus is only “True North” of Growth.

Combining Organic SEO and Growth Hacking as a strategy

We believe the combination of these two practices namely, Growth Hacking and Organic SEO will ensure explosive traffic at the start of your campaign to ensure traffic from the start and if all the conditions are correct in the sales funnel, Sales. Organic SEO will then ensure that in the medium to longer term traffic is ensured and that natural and organic search traffic will flow over your site – The complete online strategy for your small business.

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