Small business Marketing – Growth Hackers and Disruptive Marketing

Growth Hacking as verb and as a noun refer to “Growth Hackers” a set of individuals, very rarely companies, whose goals fall outside of what we would normally call “Marketing“, there is one true function in growth hacking, and that is to find explosive growth using the best outreach strategies to achieve that single goal. Getting huge traffic volumes over your website to grow and initiate your brand and business growth, service or product using a variety of techniques to achieve this.

Growth Hacking for the Small Business in Manchester

Growth hacking is also known as a process of rapid experimentation across a variety of marketing channels, service and product development to identify the best and most efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging the user base of a business in such a way that the business growth is exponential rather than linear growth. Growth Hacking in Manchester where the sheer amount of competition that is created by Manchester based companies, means that having a website without and online presence which promotes your business locally to your greater Manchester audience.

Small Business Marketing in Manchester

With the phenomenal and astounding growth in popularity of a number of online social media platforms and other growth channels, we can very quickly ascertain the best channels for your small business marketing in Manchester, service or product and get traffic flowing quickly. Eternal Marketing are able to acquire users, traffic and sales by working very closely with you and outlining our strategy and the associate costs with them to get your business growing. Small business marketing in some ways is far more difficult as more often than not, you are starting your Small Business marketing with little or no traction or history. Trying to undertake Small business marketing in, or close to a large city like Manchester poses even greater challenges, but with our many years of experience we will be able to drive traffic to your website and start generating valuable leads.

Eternal Marketing | Manchester

Eternal marketing located near Manchester in the North West of England, would welcome the opportunity of working with you, to take your company to the next online level, we must warn you that this process can be disruptive to your companies normal thought process and strategy,

Note: For more interesting reading on Growth Hacking and a definition of this, please visit wiki-pedia here: and Neil Patels blog at