When and where did the term SEO come from?

The phrase or Acronym as we have come to know it, would appear to have been used for the first time in 1997 by Bob and Leland Harden, Why is this important (well to us), is because a gentleman (term used loosely here) by the name of Jason Gambert, has gone ahead and tried to trademark the term SEO! As you can quite well image there has been an uproar about this – Watch this space.

SEO is really important in the greater scheme of things if you are marketing online with a website and are looking to attract organic traffic to your website other than the purchased traffic from online marketing, then this traffic over your website is free traffic! So essentially we look to create the correct environment on your website through a lot of different key indicators and markers that we use to fine tune your website to become a traffic management. Having said that there are times when no matter how much SEO you do, if you are playing on the same fields as some of the global brands, then we would suggest that the majority of your budget goes into marketing and slowly build your seo footprint to be the best that it can be.

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